Repro/Design Studio

The file incoming in the pre-print section (journal, newspaper, booklet, cigarette ARTWORK, etc.) is processed for color separation and is delivered to the printing section in a completed form. The color separation is the first and the most important step in the colored printing process of high quality. We work with the scanning and photo developing tools of the latest generation in order to protect the maximum accuracy standards. Amongst our equipment there are Herkules Elite, SW Signastation, film developing equipment - Multiline 860 and a film treatment machine Bacher 3081. The color separation device in the printing house allows you to adapt and manipulate colors, to illustrate, to describe graphically and to do many other things. So, you will always get a clear picture and a color-rich picture even from a monotonous and colorless image. If you wish, our technical staff will gladly explain you the specificity of our work and the technological details that will help to transform your original designs into the best printed products.

World class standards

The final quality of the product is the sum of many elements. Namely: the design, the color separation, the printing and other pre or post processes. Thanks to advanced technologies and professionalism in the printing house, it is possible to achieve absolute accuracy at all stages of the production.