Printing services

Lithographic printing of the full color

Graphic design

Color separation

Other types of lacquering, including ultraviolet

Hot and cold lamination

Preparing flexoforms

Excising, lifting, pressuring with foil in gold and silver various types of paper and paperboard and etc.

Thermal stitching

Packaging in cellophane

Printing on uneven surface

Excising, perforation, numeration, folding

Printing holograms

Each of these processes are monitored and controlled by the quality control laboratory. The printing house functioning in line with modern technologies and European standards can produce the printing products of high quality: different types of labels, various sizes of boxes, magazines, newspapers, brochures, booklets, posters of the best quality, etc.


Quality Control

The final quality of the product is the sum of many elements. Namely: the design, the color separation, the printing and other pre or post processes. The quality control laboratory, which is equipped with the following equipment, monitors and controls each of these processes:

Repro/Design Studio

The file incoming in the pre-print section (journal, newspaper, booklet, cigarette ARTWORK, etc.) is processed for color separation and is delivered to the printing section in a completed form.

Post-Printing Section

The section that receives the printed products processes it, brings it to the ready-made level and delivers to the customer. Our equipment includes:

Printing Equipment

“Omega Tegi” has the most impressive and modern professional printing equipment across the entire Transcaucasia. Many Western European printing houses may envy our capabilities.