About us

“Omega Tegi” is a printing house of European standards and quality, which started functioning on October 24, 1999. The staff of “Omega Tegi” aims at assisting our clients in getting the best decision. It does not matter whether you need the packaging materials of complex structure or a small set of high quality printed products, stationery or colored advertising materials for the business environment, you will always be satisfied with the professional service of high quality and the warm welcome that you will find at the printing house “Omega Tegi”. In addition, we can offer you the additional service you need. Our experts and the technical specialists will not only consult you during the especially important pre-printing process, but you can enjoy the creativity of our internal design team and make your products exceptional, elegant and brilliant. We can also offer you the service suitable for your requirements. Just make a wish and we will be happy to discuss and to fulfill your every demand. Our products are supplied to the consumers across the entire Transcaucasia, as well as we welcome all the consumers who are able to take the products by themselves from our office located in Tbilisi.